Our Organ

Austin Organ OPUS #2531

All the information on this page was taken from a booklet that was prepared as a permanent record of the building of the new Trinity following the fire.  A copy of this booklet can be obtained by contacting the church office.


The pipe organ at Trinity United Methodist Church was designed and built by Austin Organs, Inc. of Hartford, Connecticut.  Featuring 32 stops and 27 ranks, the organ is intended to serve a dual role as an accompanying instrument for the church services as well as solo use. The organ enjoys an ideal location in the church for support of congregational and choir singing, as well as great tonal expression.

Visible in the handsome façade are large annealed zinc pipes belonging to the 16’ Pedal Principal, while the smaller pipes below of “spotted metal” are part of the 8’ Principals.  The Swell and Choir expressive divisions are on the lower level and the unenclosed Great organ is above, immediately behind the façade.  There are 1,572 pipes in Trinity’s organ.  The organ is played from a three manual and pedal stopkey console.  Control of valves under the pipes is by electro-pneumatic action of the Austin Universal Air Chest system, with only a cable connecting the console to the organ.