Our Stained Glass Windows

All the information on this page was taken from a booklet that was prepared as a permanent record of the building of the new Trinity following the fire.  A copy of this booklet can be obtained by contacting the church office.

The windows are created in the media of Faceted Glass.  The glass used in this process is 1 foot thick and is cast into 8 feet by 12 feet slabs (Dalles).  The Dalles are then cut to shape and size with hammer and chisel.  The frame that holds the glass in place and provides the design is of an epoxy compound.

Faceted Glass itself, in a sacred room, is to be an instrument to the worshiper.  Faceted Stained Glass is also a source of education within the teachings and experiences of the church.  Faceted Stained Glass could be a direct communication between man and God by the way of the arts.

The windows were created in the Pittsburgh Stained Glass Studios, and designed by H. Peter Brahm.


Chancel Window (front of sanctuary)
Christ is referred to as the “Light of the World”.  Whoever accepts Christ or becomes a Christian will have the Light.  The center symbolizes Christ, a radiant light spreading itself in warmth and illumination.  The rays are reaching to the edge of the window.  The symbols, which appear at the ends of the Rays, relates to the First Community of Christ Followers, The Disciples.


“Resurrection” (right of sanctuary, facing Second Street)
On Easter morning, Christ becomes victor over sin and death.  The shadow of Calvary and suffering is indicated by the Three Crosses on the mountain that harbors the Tomb.  Christ stands radiant and free in the center of the window.

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“Unity” (rear of sanctuary, facing Walnut Street)
Christ, the second person of the Trinity, becomes total man.  Through His death and resurrection, we the people of this globe are saved if we become Christ Followers.  The symbols of the Trinity, the Hand of the Father and Spirit appear above Christ’s Head along with a Triangle.  The large Cross that extends throughout the entire window relates to His death.  The grouping of the Four Faces of Mankind depicts the Unity in the Brotherhood of Christ and men.  The Circle encompassing the group symbolizes our Earth.  A Form of Clouds around the entire window shows the ever-present Spirit of God.